6 December 2021

Can Cities Join Forces to Change the World?

Yes. It united.

Imagine a network of co-working spaces in 107 cities in more than 60 countries on 6 continents.

Each of the members of this network has taken root in the city where it is located, revitalised its neighbourhood, and created innovative social transformations in its neighbourhood. It has gone beyond the neighbourhood, it has become one of the important centres in the socio-cultural life of the city with the events it hosts and the sincere, brave, entrepreneurs it brings together. It has gone beyond the city, supporting social initiatives that develop innovative solutions to vital issues such as sustainable development, climate change and social justice. It has gone beyond the country and joined forces with members in other countries to create change around the world. In 6 continents, more than 60 sprouts have grown from dozens of root centres, connecting the planet and those on it.

This is Impact Hub Network.

Impact Hub enables thousands of people who believe wholeheartedly in the need to take action to create a better future and a better present to act together. The Impact Hub story, which started in one city in 2005, has reached more than 100 cities in 15 years.

Impact Hub Global Map

Istanbul in 2016 and Ankara in 2021 took their place in this story. We will continue to share the global Impact Hub network and the work of Impact Hub Istanbul and Impact Hub Ankara with you in the coming weeks. Beforehand, in order to better explain what kind of structure we are talking about, we would like to talk about the meaning of being a part of the Impact Hub Network and its difference from other international networks operating commercially.

Impact Hub members are gathering around a manifesto centred around the values of trust, courage and collaboration. You will find this manifesto below, which includes principles such as listening by listening, strengthening together by embracing weaknesses, being different but connected, feeling safe by being open and flexible, choosing to collaborate every day even when it is not an easy option, and much more. For those who might want to read the original text instead of the translation, we have also included it.

“Being part of the Impact Hub Network” does not mean being a franchise or a social franchise that shares part of your enterprise with the main hub, unlike most other international networks. Impact Hub makes each new Hub one of its partners. In other words, each of the 107 Hubs becomes an owner of the global brand. This is a kind of co-ownership structure.

As such, founder candidates who want to join the Impact Hub Network are expected to go through a phased application process that often takes several years. First, you need to gain the status of application eligibility, then candidate candidacy, then candidacy. The preliminary reports, feasibility studies, financial projections, future plans, community strategies, space designs submitted at these stages are reviewed by expert panels and a Membership Committee representing network members. Interviews are conducted and votes are taken. The new Impact Hub can gain the “initiative” status after successfully passing through these stages. With the signing of mutual signatures, the global Impact Hub network and the International Impact Hub Association, which is the heart of the network, say hello to the new co-owners.

Establishing the Impact Hub Ankara initiative was a very enjoyable and instructive process. We are very happy that we have been able to make Ankara one of the partners of this large social impact network with the support of those working for similar goals all over the world.

Everything will be even better as our community develops with you and meets in our venue.

Impact Hub Manifesto

We will never cease to dive deep into our common purpose.

Because sharing our bold intentions requires unprecedented trust.

So this is where we lay bare our weaknesses, and are honest about our capacities

For us, vulnerability builds trust.

Adversity and obstacles, amidst ever changing scenarios, can only be tackled together.

We are all different, and there is strength in our truly diverse tribe,

which shares humanity and seeks connectedness.

While empathy is not infinite, listening with intention reminds us to ask rather than assume.

Working together and leading by action is the way to collective impact

An impact that we translate into individual, local, and global actions for people and planet

It is truly about showing up.

Collaboration is not the easy option, but we choose it every day.

Our commitment to this global network drives us to create clear commitments and be accountable.

There is guarantee of a safe space through openness and flexibility

We are responsible to one another for co-creating the value of this network

Co-responsibility is co-ownership and we co-own Impact Hub.