Duygu Vatan EN
Co-Founder | Design Director

 Duygu Vatan has a  degree in the bachelors of Business Administration with a minor degree in Product Design and a master’s degree in Industrial Design with a research subject on design for social innovation in rural economies. Her studies specialize in blending the strengths of creative disciplines into the field of social innovation. She has professional experience working in the creative industries through Joon, a capacity-building platform for creative communities. Ms. Vatan founded Joon in 2016 and developed and ran design and brand support programmes for disadvantaged creative communities in collaboration with various designers in Turkey. Joon has also an online shop and is involved in several global marketplaces.  Through her work in Joon, she has a strong understanding of and practices the creative economy, including knowledge of key trends and developments within the sector, as well as an understanding of the various business models and revenue streams used by creative companies. The support programmes of Joon, include various creative disciplines and sectors, such as advertising, design, fashion, and filming. Running a creative social enterprise Duygu follows relevant policies, regulations, and funding opportunities related to the creative economy. Duygu provides training to creative communities in market research, strategic planning, and business development within the creative industries.