Murat Çitilgülü EN
Co-Founder | Operations Director

Murat Çitilgülü, who holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Bilkent University, commenced his career in the human development team at UNDP Turkey. He actively contributed to the preparation of the "Youth Report," the recommendations and findings of which were translated into projects by various public and private sector organizations. Following six years of work in the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade (now the Ministry of Trade), specializing in international development and trade diplomacy, he transitioned to the UNDP Global Private Sector Unit located in Istanbul. Within this unit, he engaged in research and executed implementation projects related to inclusive economies and business models across various countries worldwide. Collaborating with public institutions, multinational companies, and international organizations like the G-20, World Bank, and OECD, he played a pivotal role in the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Murat Çitilgülü, who also participated in the coordination of media relations, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility activities at ING Turkey, served as the General Manager of the Community Volunteers Foundation from 2018 to 2021. Since August 2021, he has been one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Ankara.