Zeynep Eliş EN
Project Coordinator

Zeynep Eliş earned her bachelor's degree from the METU Department of Urban and Regional Planning. She has accumulated experience working at the TMMOB Chamber of City Planners, Çankaya Municipality, and various international projects in the domains of inclusion, participatory urban planning, and participatory design. In the realm of civil society, she has been actively engaged in urban rights advocacy, promoting gender equality, and designing participatory processes. As part of an international training program led by the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, she contributed to a project team dedicated to developing a local-level participatory model. Additionally, she redirected her focus towards social impact and social innovation through the Data Science for Social Good training program organized by TED University. Subsequently, she began participating in projects related to social welfare and inclusion. Zeynep Eliş joined the Social Innovation Initiative Association in February 2023 and currently holds the position of Project Coordinator within the Impact Hub Ankara team.